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Twill Knitted Scarf

Color scheme

Twill Scarf

Twill Knitted Scarf

Product Code : 2122003

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Product Price : 40000 Toman
fixed price : 36000 Toman
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Twill Knitted Scarf

A type of fabric that has a very thin, light and durable material and it is also a type of textile texture and its structure is composed of diagonal and parallel strands, and is contrasted with plain and satin texture. The best type of fabric for use in office environments , because of its high resistance to cold and heat, and the ability of any type of printing on this fabric is a plus.

Main features of the goods

Product : Scarf

Fabric : Twill

Design Code : 145

Size : 110 * 110

Color Quantity : 10 Color

Colors : cream,navyblue,black,peach,green,olive,red

Product of : Persia

Laundering : With lukewarm and cold water

Shipping method

All orders will be sent from Tehran

The process of sending are two business days and will take you immediately after the order is placed

All orders have an interception code


The cost of shipping with post is 8000 toman and with courier ,only inside the Tehran is 10000 toman

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Back Guarantee

This product have a 72-hour warranty